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Start Property Brokerage Business in Singapore with RES Qualification

Singapore: To become a property agent in Singapore there are some mandatory qualifications to acquire. Many providers are offering the pre-license course and you can choose the best one according to the quality of the course.

Property agent license in Singapore precedes rigorous professional education, namely the Real Estate Sales Person (RES) course and passing the subsequent examination.

The RES course is mandated by the Council of Estate Agencies (CES) as a benchmark qualification to practice real estate brokerage and a base for real estate recruitment Singapore.

According to real estate careers experts, the RES qualifications have raised the standards of property agents in Singapore. This has set high professional standards and ensured the best customer service and accountability.

The RES course also ensured that the best professionals are entering real estate recruitment in Singapore. The lucrative career aided by RES qualification adds competence to the property professional in a range of areas such as handling the transaction from the start with all technical details necessary.

The course has a set of eligibility norms such as minimum age of 21 years, Singapore citizenship or permanent resident status, prescribed educational qualifications, and compliance with the CEA fitness criteria.

Once the norms are satisfactorily addressed the property agent can become eligible for a property agent license in Singapore. The real estate career offers flexibility as well as a decent salary.

According to the data of the Council for Estate Agencies Singapore has 32, 000 plus registered property agents.

The career of a property dealer has a good learning curve and huge earning potential. In Singapore, licensed property agents work with home buyers, and sellers and also provide the best advice, guidance, and services to clients in terms of sales, marketing, advisory, and financial prudence.

The real estate agents also get a percentage of the sales value and in rental deals at least a month’s rental. RES has many course providers in Singapore. To crack the tough examination, there are revision class services by Navis Living Group.

They offer exemplary help with an array of smart trainers who manage useful revision classes and also extend WhatsApp group support to crack the examination on the first attempt.

The classes make it a lot easier to remember after trainers explain the reasons behind each policy. The revision classes are not only helping to pass exams but also cementing the concepts and giving the focus where to exert more. There is also extra help in terms of mock exam trials and professional, enthusiastic sessions.

Testimonials acknowledge that the classes had been strong support and have made candidates confident and well-equipped to clinch project sales after an entry into the field with a license to practice as the profession as a property agent.

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