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Recruiting Firm With Property Experts

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Real estate recruitment Singapore is a hiring company with specialized knowledge in placing people in the real estate industry.

In all industries, including development and surveying, building, acquisitions, and property management, we assist businesses with their hiring needs for property agent recruitment Singapore.

Our recruiters, many of whom have prior expertise in real estate recruitment Singapore, are aware of the most valuable skill sets for the most important property jobs now available.

Our experience in property recruitment

Our team collaborates with businesses of all sizes to discover the ideal candidates to fill property job openings like these as recruiting specialists for the property agent recruitment Singapore industry.

● Architecture and design for landlords and tenants, agencies, and corporate real estate cost management

● Property / Building Surveyor HSE & Q Project Manager Property and Asset Management

● Development and Consultancy of Real Estate

● Valuation and leasing for quantity surveying

● Real estate senior management construction senior management facilities management

● Building Construction Infrastructure Construction Bid Manager Technical

● E&M Manager Owner/Client Side Building Services Manager / Director

Advantages of working

● Find the ideal people to contact.

Innovative attraction strategies are available on the market.

● An ideal match for your company

Completely screened candidates who meet all requirements.


There are no other professions I am aware of that are like a career in real estate recruitment in Singapore. The product may be one of the most expensive items a person will ever purchase, and it will likely affect their financial situation and retirement prospects.

This line of work necessitates an in-depth understanding of financial, investment, marketing, negotiation, and business skill sets, which are typically divided into different roles in a typical corporation.

Course for Real Estate Salespersons (RES):

● At the many RES course providers (I'll name the best ones later in this piece), prices are often in the $650-800 range.

● You can receive up to $250 in UTAP funding for your RES Exams if you are an NTUC member under the age of 40.

● NTUC members 40 years of age and over are eligible for increased financial aid of up to $500 per course and exam.

● Singaporeans and permanent residents who are 25 years old or older may use their skills.

● Up to $500 in future credits to property agent recruitment Singapore.

Requirements for RES Course Participants:

● Be at least 21 years of age.

● Permanent Resident or Singaporean

● A minimum of four passes at the O level on the GCE (WPLN)

● Meets CEA fit and appropriate requirements

Examination Location:

The headquarters for the Singapore Institute of Management is located at 461 Clement Road in Singapore, 599491.

For students who completed their course betwe22 February 2018 and 30 April 2020, CEA will extend the RES course certificate's validity duration by one year to provide them enough time to appear for future RES exams.

Since the real estate market is constantly changing, Realstate agent Singapore stays up to date. Our recruiters are able to adapt to these changes in real estate recruitment in Singapore since we are aware of how this demand alters the requirements.

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