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jj wong

Passionate About Grooming
Aspiring Achievers

Graduated from Hwa Chong Instituition and National University of Singapore with Degree in Economics & Technopreneurship, JJ Wong has been in the real estate industry for almost 6 years.


Prior to joining the industry, he was exposed to real estate know-how and gained experience dealing with clients from all walks of life through working with a real estate investment giant. Being independent and self motivated, he made the leap of faith to become a full fledged Property Wealth Planner.

Being part time agent for 3 years, he understand the struggle and problem faced by a new RES. His life story is documented in the video below:

To date, he has received numerous positive reviews and recognitions from his clients whom he has been serving with sincerity. The genuine reviews from Property Agents Review platform has allowed him to gain immediate trust and confidence from his clients. Therefore, getting the deals and closing the deals subsequently is a breeze for him.

Route of Property Wealth Planner

Property Wealth Planning (PWP) is a discipline that NLG realtors learn and apply to help HDB and Private Property owners grow their wealth safely and systematically. 

Property Wealth Planners’ mission is to enable more families to create passive income streams and comfortable retirement through savvy property investing insights and strategies.  

Having gone through vigrous Property Wealth Planning & Advisory Sales Mastery training, JJ is well equipped with the knowledge which only handful will know in the area of wealth planning. He has personally shared with many owners about the endless possibilities of creating wealth and building safety net for their beloved family.