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Graduated from Hwa Chong Instituition and National University of Singapore with Degree in Economics & Technopreneurship, JJ Wong has been in the real estate industry for almost 6 years.


Prior to joining the industry, he was exposed to real estate know-how and gained experience dealing with clients from all walks of life through working with a real estate investment giant. Being independent and self motivated, he made the leap of faith to become a full fledged Property Wealth Planner.

Being part time agent for 3 years, he understand the struggle and problem faced by a new RES. His life story is documented in the video below:

To date, he has received numerous positive reviews and recognitions from his clients whom he has been serving with sincerity. The genuine reviews from Property Agents Review platform has allowed him to gain immediate trust and confidence from his clients. Therefore, getting the deals and closing the deals subsequently is a breeze for him.

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Route of Property Wealth Planner

Property Wealth Planning (PWP) is a discipline that NLG realtors learn and apply to help HDB and Private Property owners grow their wealth safely and systematically. 

Property Wealth Planners’ mission is to enable more families to create passive income streams and comfortable retirement through savvy property investing insights and strategies.  

Having gone through vigrous Property Wealth Planning & Advisory Sales Mastery training, JJ is well equipped with the knowledge which only handful will know in the area of wealth planning. He has personally shared with many owners about the endless possibilities of creating wealth and building safety net for their beloved family.

Forte in New Launches, Resale and Rental (Residential & Commercial)

JJ has immersed himself in various segments of real estate market (residential, commercial and industrial), serving clients from all walks of life in buy / sell / rent / new launches. This is of utmost importance for him to be exposed to various market segments, so that he is able to impart the relevant skills and knowledge to his partnering associates. New launches' development and marketing system will form part of JJ's teaching and guidance. 

A piece of good news to those joining in recent years: we are appointed by many prestigious developers to be the preferred marketing sales company in almost all the mega new launches across the island. There would be more than 60 new projects in just 2019 alone. Over 10,000 inventories are in the pipeline with commission from developers ranging from 1% to 4%. Check out some of the current new projects:

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Mentorship Programmes For Various Organizations

Mentorship Programme for Institutions:

* Young Trailblazers Competition 2023

* NUS Faculty Arts & Social Sciences Mentorship

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nus fass.png
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Division Trainer | Group Trainer | RES Exam Revision Trainer


* RES Exam Revision Class To Excel In RES Exam

* Avoid Rental Pitfalls With The Right Know Hows

* Value Add to Buyers During House Hunting: Feng Shui 101

* Google Ads 101: How To Get Low Cost Leads

* FB Ads 101: Effective Way To Get Leads

* Door Knocking Soft Skills & Effective Scripts

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Track Record & Achievements
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Q3 2021

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Q4 2020


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Q2 2019


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Q3 2023

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Q2 2020

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For those new to the industry, JJ Wong is not someone who will just share with you how rosy this industry is. He will truthfully share with you the pros and cons of joining this industry. JJ will share with you how he can guide and mentor you in the business based on his journey thus far. Having been a new agent before, he knows how it feels to be lost and directionless. Fortunately, he has developed a sales system that helps him to achieve optimum results. Everything is in place and prepared for you according to your style. 

For experienced salespersons, if you are feeling lost, neglected in the business or you are feeling that your current place is not providing you with the support that you deserve, JJ can share with you how he has felt being in company, Navis Living Group and Sincerus Division. You can immediately feel company is very caring towards its associates. You will also feel that you are empowered in Navis Living Group who constantly invests in technology and training. Whereas in Sincerus Division, you will also be quickly assimilated to the selfless and fun loving culture.

With Link Up & Agent mobile apps together with the quality training, regardless you are a new agent or an experienced salesperson, you will find a foothold for yourself in this caring and loving family. 

If you are looking for a career change or seeking for challenging career, do allow JJ to share with you more about the daily life of a real estate salesperson and to show you the eye-opening technology and well thought training programme.



“Don’t be part of Stagnation. Be part of a Revolution!”

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