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The Real Estate Group of Tomorrow

Navis Living Group (NLG) believes that the future for agents lies in having the most advanced technology and training in the market.
NLG's mission is simple and straightforward:

  1. To provide cutting edge TECHNOLOGY for our people to outperform and outsell any other agent in the market.

  2. To provide advanced TRAINING programs for our people to excel as well-trained agents with financial savviness second to none. 

  3. To cultivate a strong TEAMWORK environment for our people to perform the best of their abilities through close working relationships.

NLG focuses on building an environment where agents achieve career success while developing their ‘heart’ skills in management, leadership and character development.

As a part of Navis Living Group, you’ll be helping to shape one of Singapore's most dynamic real estate groups – as well as a career path of your own. With our revolutionary Link Up mobile app, advanced and comprehensive training syllabus for realtors, and a full suite of Portfolio Advisory Tools, Navis Living Group continues to attract the best people in the real estate industry.

Our vision and ambition is what drives our business. Yes, we are a bunch of go-getters! Yes, we are driven and motivated! But we are also a company of genuine good-hearted people. Our motivation isn't purely derived from sales figures alone; they are determined by our passion and belief in making every real estate experience a positive, smooth and enjoyable one. We expect a lot from our people but in turn, we will support, nurture and share all our insights, advice and experience with you. We hope you can grow, succeed and realize your full potential with us.

As you journey along with us, you will meet and build for yourselves a huge cast of interesting, colourful and intelligent characters from all walks of life. We embrace diversity as we know it brings us greater ideas and talents from various perspectives that we alone cannot seek.  An integral part of our culture is that we recognise you as an individual with unique skills and talents and we also know that people grow and reach their fullest potential only when they are developed in a sharing and nurturing environment. That environment is an important ingredient that makes Navis Living Group stand out among Singapore's top real estate groups.

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​NAVIS WINGS is the Training Master Plan that forms the backbone of highly qualified and deployment ready NLG realtors. Led by highly experienced industry trainers, NAVIS WINGS enhances realtors’ knowledge and helps them achieve new breakthroughs in their careers.


With intensive lessons, role plays and on-site training, and a week of immersive training through boot camps, NAVIS WINGS equips realtors with the capabilities to meet the needs and expectations of clients from the mass market to the most affluent of investors.

For those who have viewings / appointments, NOT to worry! We even make the training sessions available on our Facebook Live. From here you can see Navis Living Group places great emphasis on education and self improvement in skill and knowledge. With many agents benefited from the training sessions, only then they are able to do well in the real estate arena.

We have also installed Navis RES Bootcamp for new RES (newly registered Real Estate Salesperson) where they will undergo proven and effective training under our 13 achievers and leaders. This will not only shorten the learning curve for RES, but also pave a smoother way for RES to close more deals and bring home more for their families. 


# 96 hours of free Navis Wings Training

# 45 hours of self development program BRAVE

# 30 hours of Advisory Sales Masterclass

# 12 hours of Social Media Leads Generation training

# 10 hours of Achiever Kopi Sharings

# 6 Property Wealth Planning presentation kits and scripts 

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With over 950+ agents onboard, Navis Ling Group provides all our agents with a One Stop Solution for Real Estate Agents – the Link Up app. NLG Proprietary mobile app, Link Up, will save hours off your daily business activities and multiply your business productivity. It eliminates the need to manually handle lower value tasks, saving you many hours and resources spent on mundane repetitive tasks.

Link Up has dramatically improved the workflow of real estate agents since it was launched 5 years ago. Over the years, Link Up has helped agents close more deals than they did before. To date, there has been copycats but none has managed to achieve the level of success and user intuitiveness that Link Up has.

Link Up has impacted the lives of our people through it’s multiple award winning functions such as Maxposure, Navis TAG, S.A.M, iMarketing and more ex​citing features to come such as smart financial calculators with timeline planning. 

“Innovation is not innovation unless it improves upon the lives of those who use them.”

Think Fastest Growing Group | Think Navis Living Group

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