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By now, if you had read through this website, you would have understood why OrangeTee & Navis Living Group platforms continue to create TOP AGENTS & LEADERS in this industry.

At this point, you may return to what you were doing and MAINTAIN STATUS QUO or TAKE ACTION towards a new beginning. 

​But first, think about this.

  1. Are you REALLY receiving the best support and training for your career in this knowledge based environment?

  2. Do you REALLY have tools and technology in this fast moving digital world to complement your advisory job? 

  3. What if you could reach your FULLEST POTENTIAL and have much more time with your loved ones? 

If the above strikes you in one way of another, I would like to invite you for a non-obligatory discussion over coffee! 

Kopi Treat on JJ!  :)

---- Join <Come Fly With Navis> Career Seminar ----

New Real Estate Salesperson

Discover how you can kickstart your sales faster than anyone else with our proven formula combining the best of Tech & Training! Many of our new rookies have become industry top achievers in a short time. 

Experienced Real Estate Salesperson

With our acclaimed LinkUp mobile app, Property Wealth Planning training and the many new launches we are appointed for, NAVIS agents are generating tons of leads with extremely high ROI, and making 6-digits income per month consistently in today’s market!

Here are the past career seminars. Don't miss the upcoming one!

“Don’t Wait. The Time Will Never Be Just Right.

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