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Real Estate Agent Profession in Singapore is Lucrative; Only the Best Survives

The real estate agent job in Singapore is lucrative. There is hefty commission that runs into six digits for the moderately experienced and millions of dollars for big sharks.

Beyond this glitter of a fat commission from deals, the property agent's career in Singapore is dotted with hard work, constant learning, and demand for best performance as in any other field.

However, there is no doubt that a property agent’s career is high paying one compared to many other jobs. An insight into real estate recruitment in Singapore will show the long road of hard work starting with tough foundation courses, licensing tests, and mentoring under seniors or agencies then the strength of character needed to stick to the best practices and ethics.

Any property agent who indulges in fraud or deceive his clients will face severe punishment including jail term and banishment from the profession. So, do not expect everything to be rosy.

The early days of a struggling property agent must be taken as real estate training Singapore phase as there will be exposure to client service, interaction with various stakeholders, handling of contracts, talks with fund managers, listening to the aspirations of clients, and dealing with regulatory agencies.

A Real estate agent will get paid only when the deal goes to closure. That means no steady income for an agent until he has a few deals that are wrapped up. During the phase of anonymity and struggle, there is also a need to spend money to promote yourself. The workload is also huge and fixed work hours. The work may be on evenings, weekends, and even holidays.

One of the challenges could be that you may not close any deals for months, and have no income during that period.

The Singapore real estate industry follows a cyclical trend. There are periods of lull and hectic action too. There may be rush to buy houses, and at times transactions will be sluggish hurting the property agent’s commission.

Although agents can draw commissions from rentals, deals on HDB flats resale, and private properties, nothing matches the fat commission money coming from selling new private homes.

The property industry is in high competition. To survive real estate agents have to develop tremendous industry knowledge and update their soft skills. There are training courses for real estate agents to acquire new skills. It helps agents of all levels. Those making a foothold in the industry to experienced agents can make use of that.

Overall, real estate recruitment in Singapore seeks agents with in-depth knowledge of property laws, communication skills, and hard skills in sales and marketing. That means a successful real estate agent must be an all rounder.

Real estate training Singapore equips a real estate agent with the latest market trends, property values, big deals, and real estate laws and policy changes. They must charm clients with their skills and win their trust to get them the best prices and capable enough to navigate them through a web of contracts too.

The best real estate agent is considered a skilled salesman and well-versed in the latest technology trends too including social media, email marketing, search marketing, and customer relations.

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