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Why Embark on Real Estate Industry?

9 Great Reasons to Venture into Real Estate Industry

Real Estate
Real Estate

1) The real estate business allows you to become an entrepreneur and move away from the traditional 9-to-5 employment. You are your own boss, you build your own business and clientele.

2) The real estate business allows you to meet and interact with various people with diverse backgrounds. Through interactions, you will realized there are different needs from different people. There is always a constant flow of transactions.

3) The real estate business is a recession-proof business. In both good time and depressed market condition, people will always invest, buy and sell and rent properties.

4) Real estate agents / Real estate salespersons who are successful in the real estate career bring back home much more than normal salary. No income ceiling, the sky is the limit in real estate business. Effort and time put in determine the pay cheque you wish to receive.

5) Real estate agents / Real estate salespersons enjoy time flexibility. We work at our own pace and timeline. We are not accountable to any boss, but we are responsible to ourselves and family. We can enjoy good balance between family and career due to flexibility nature of the career.

6) Real estate agents / Real estate salespersons play a crucial role in owners or clients' life by assisting them to make the biggest decision in their life. They are involved in the client's journey of selling or buying the biggest asset in their life. Which employment jobs give you such an opportunity? Which jobs give you the joy and satisfaction that can't be described with words?

7) In traditional employment, your earning power is usually in direct correlation with the amount of time & responsibility you need to put into your work. Throughout the real estate journey you gain more experience and wider network, the earning potential will exponentially increase.

8) The real estate industry is now being regulated by the government body CEA. Industry standard is improving. Professionalism is on the rise. More educated and qualified.

9) Housing is a basic need and a necessity, the single most valuable asset we own. We will often engage in talks and discussion with anyone on property and transactions. Anyone would want to talk to real estate agents who are always on the ground to understand the sentiments and to understand the market trend as well as to understand the motives behind certain government policies.

The door will be opened for those who are bold enough to knock

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