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Real Estate Agent Exam Singapore – Meet Your Dream of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Planning a career as real estate agent in Singapore but do not have idea what kind of career you truly want? For a successful career in real estate stream, you need to walk into a real estate agency and fill up the application form and give a kick to your real estate career.

In order to become a real estate agent, you need to go through courses and pass the examination before you embark your career as a real estate agent. After completing the RES course, you’re required to take two RES exam papers and pass both RES exam papers prior applying to be a licensed real estate property agent.

RES exams are conducted three times a year. If you’re planning for RES exam in year 2023, March, July and Nov month will be appropriate months for this. You have to remain updated with its registration process.

As far as REA examination requirements are concerned, candidates need to attend and complete the REA course conducted by a CEA prior making application. Candidates are required to submit a copy of this Certificate of REA Course Completion when they register for the REA examination. The certificate is valid for a period of 2 years. In order to become eligible for the REA examination, the candidates need to complete the REA course again.

Candidates should meet the minimum educational requirement of at least 4 GCE O-level passes or equivalent when they register for the REA examination. Submitting a copy of their qualification certificate for verification is needed. Candidates without original copies of the graduation certificates, are required to provide a letter of confirmation of award/duplicate copy from the issuing institautions/universities.

Real estate agent exam Singapore provides golden opportunity to the candidates to become an expert agent. The benefits of becoming a property agent include flexible hours and income etc. Once you become a property agent, it’s crucial to complete control of working hours. You can even choose to work only three days a week if you want to.

Being a property agent, you not merely have to draw a fixed monthly salary and instead earn commissions from the properties you have transacted. The format of the real estate agent exam Singapore is concerned, the candidates will have to take 2 papers, each of which will last for 2.5 hours. Questions types include multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and case studies.

Make sure to pass your REC exam within 2 years of the certificate’s date of issue, or you risk losing your status as a certified property agent. Though, if you’re unable to pass any more papers within the 2 year time limit, you must alas retake the RES course and pass the full RES examination again which mean you must re-complete Papers 1 and 2.

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