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JJ Wong Company to Boost Singapore Real Estate by Supplying Specialist Real Estate Personnel in All

SINGAPORE: Adding more value to the thriving real estate market of Singapore, the real estate consultancy firm, Real Estate Careers in Singapore has lined up a slew of programs to benefit the industry stakeholders and also to enhance the career opportunities of prospective real estate sales persons and other associated personnel.

According to the CEO, the buzzword is join real estate agency Singapore and it neatly sums up the training and placement modules it will extend to career seekers in the Singapore real estate market.

JJ Wong and associates leveraging their valuable expertise and goodwill are on a dedicated mission to help real estate personnel to stabilize, accelerate, and grow their business.

It aims to lift the expertise level and skill sets beyond the real estate salesperson course Singapore and find openings matching their calibre. In this globally acclaimed property market of Singapore, investors are making a beeline from all parts of the world.

Singapore places a premium on quality and real estate agents are supposed to be strong in domain knowledge, networks, good communication skills, personal integrity, tech-savvy, and highly customer oriented.

According to the CEO of Real Estate Careers Singapore, hands-on experience is very important for freshers or part-timers to grow into well-paid real estate brokers and gain global exposure by working as associates in top real estate agencies.

The programme will be like a business-to-business bridge with industry players gracing the entire sector to supply the needed qualified personnel. For property sector job aspirants, there will be suitable training and mentoring programs including support to pass the examination of the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course, licensing test for professional practice. They will also be given training and mentoring in all areas needing improvement. Real estate agent or real estate sales person is a lucrative career with huge earnings potential.

However, to reach the level of a confident sales professional in the Singapore real estate market one needs to attain best professional qualifications including the basic real estate salesperson course in Singapore with 60 percent marks in each paper.


The outlook on Singapore’s real estate market is extra bright with big growth in innovation, technology, and sustainability ready to accelerate the property market.

The CEO said it would expand the platform to be a comprehensive real estate recruitment hub for Singapore. The manpower needs in related industries such as development, surveying, acquisitions, and property management will have the best talent supply by the company. The firm will also collaborate with all types of businesses to understand their requirements for candidates to fill property job openings in its capacity as a distinguished recruiting specialist in Singapore.

The training areas for property agents to join real estate agency Singapore and other areas also cover aspects of financial markets, investment, marketing, negotiation, and business skills required for different roles.


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