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How To Become Successful Real Estate Agent / Salesperson?

The tough part is not about getting the real estate salesperson license, it is the business journey ahead.

While many people stressed out and frustrated over passing the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) exam, their focus should be placed on what's next after passing the exam and getting the license. Eventually you'll pass the test with the effort put in to study for the exam.

However if you don't pay attention to the five things below, you will most likely end up joining the majority of the agents who fail to make it in this business because they don't plan ahead. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

#1 Have A Secondary Source of Income

Nobody can give exact answer to how well you'll do at the initial stage, or how many transactions you can do in your first year. Nobody can give guarantee or assurance as real estate work very much depends on one's personality and attitude. Since real estate is a commission-based business, you should have enough money set aside to get by for minimum six months. Being full time and focus on real estate is easy than said. You can have a side job that doesn't interfere with the real estate work to ensure you have sufficient marketing fund to get leads and to close deals.

#2 Get A Mentor Who Has Passion in Imparting Knowledge

The exam isn't what you need for success. It is just basic requirement to legally practice as real estate agent. You need to do a lot more to make this real estate business a success. There is a saying: if no time, pump in money. if no money, put in effort. Most who started out fresh will want to put in time and effort which they have on hand rather than investing money. Most fresh salespersons have more energy and zest to make the business happen.

Get a mentor who care and want to help you, or you can offer to assist them in their transactions. There is so much to learn about the process by tagging along with the mentor. You will need to explain legal contracts, do necessary checks, carry out due diligence work etc. You will definitely feel much more confidence and capable if you have seen these legal documents beforehand. There's no substitute for actual experience. An effective mentor will help you understand and learn about the pace of the business, the costs of doing business, and getting right prospects. Take every step seriously and follow it, you will earn your first commission pay cheque within the shortest time.

#3 Start With Your Circle Of Influence

Don't be a "secret" real estate agent where nobody knows you got the certification and license to carry out real estate work! Make good use of your personal network which you have built up along the way since young. A great way to begin is just by announcing to everyone you meet face-to-face or social media that you are qualified to represent any sellers / buyers / landlords / tenants. Someone who has been looking for a new home or a tenant who is looking for new rental place may get you started in the new business. By serving buyers / tenants, you will definitely learn a great deal of knowledge and along the way pick up some client management skill and negotiation techniques.

#4 Leverage On Technology

We have heard technology can substitute many professions. Why not use technology to complement our real estate work? You will need technology to give the most updated information to your clients; you will need technology to be more efficient and effective; you will need technology to equip you with the tools such as calculators to make financial calculations fast and easy. In today's real estate world, with many clients going DIY, technology can assist you to get a foothold with today's sophisticated and educated customers.

The real estate business can be fun, exciting and satisfying career. However, you have to make it through the challenging first year, so that everything will fall in place once you have grasp all the knowledge, skill and techniques to excel in this real estate market.

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